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Welcome to the Drama Store!

Our future lies in the hands of the dreamers.
To dream we must first imagine. To imagine we must first Play

The Drama Decks are very easy to play. You just pick a card and act it out. You can improvise (using words and body) or pantomime (using no words-just body) the scenes. Someone can guess what is on the card or you can just enjoy acting out the scenes.

It's fun with a group because everyone can play a different part and the scene will grow into a story. Did you know that every story has a beginning, a middle and an end? Every single story... The Drama Decks can give you the scene and you can make it into a story. Remember, a setting is where the story happens. You can make a setting out of what you already have on hand, or visit our set design link and design your own. Go ahead, build a forest, or a castle, or a hair salon, or whatever you need to help you act out the story. HAVE FUN!
For more really fun ideas visit www.capersforkids.com




castle deck